Condensed Schedule for March due to Coronavirus - GForce Fitness

Condensed Schedule for March due to Coronavirus

We have been following the news closely and after speaking with our regulars and instructors, we have decided to offer a smaller, more condensed group fitness class schedule during the month of March.

– We are serious about your health and can assure we take it seriously to offer a safe sanitized place to work out.

– We simply can not afford to close as we must generate revenue to pay the rent…etc. We can say with certainty we are taking all necessary precautions to keep our facility available for those who still want to workout.


– Mats for Stretch are no longer offered in class. You must bring your own.

– We do have Balls available for Bounce but encourage you to bring your own if you are uncomfortable using ours.

– ALL equipment is sanitized BEFORE and AFTER use.

Please stay safe and stay indoors while this passes. We love the Seymour community and hope to see you in class supporting our small little community group fitness facility.